Emphasize Your Status by Choosing Correct Auto Wheels

Drivers enjoy quoting Henry Ford who said that 80% of a car’s beauty is in its wheels. Moreover, the appearance of a car is the confirmation of its owner’s social status. Auto wheels play an important role in drawing up the overall image. Therefore, people who value their reputation tend to use not only functional ones, but also exclusive products of famous brands with their success story. These world-known original equipment manufacturers include Dymag trademark. This article is about auto wheels made by this very British company.

BOXSTROM Auto Wheels by Dymag

Dymag company was founded by Max Boxstrom to release the greatest moto wheels for racing. But since 2004 Dymag has been producing commercial auto wheels which are available on the modern market and easy to be purchased at official dealers points in almost any country in the world.

Fine Brands Cost Expensive

Well, let’s turn to the price of the question. Elite car wheels, that are thought about as must-have accessories for all types of high performance cars, can not cost cheap. This is not surprising. Any brand requires extra expenses. But the distinctive feature of Dymag is the policy of loyalty to customers. The company betrays a personal loan for buyers.

This is a profitable predestination for those who can not immediately lay out a round sum for a brand product, but can afford installments. Thus, everyone is left to win. The buyer uses the product of the company and gradually pays the full cost. The manufacturer does not lose a part of the customers.

To find out detailed information on the payday loan affiliate program usa options, a customer should turn to the nearest dealer in his country or Dymag head office in USA.

Nowadays, customers are offered two models of wheels named after Dymag founder Boxstrom – the BOXSTROM® Carbon Hybrid 7X and the BOXSTROM® Carbon Hybrid 7Y. How do they differ from others? See below.

Uniqueness. Developers use the patented BOXTROM technology for making 7X and 7Y.

Perfection. Both models are crafted from the best materials and engineered as technical know-how.

Beauty. With modern eye-catching performance wheels your car will be for sure a special one on the road.

Advantages. Boxstrom wheels are 40% lighter than standard cast aluminium wheels and 25% lighter than analogue forged aluminium wheels. They stand out of others due to 30% lower moment of inertia. Wheels are light in weight, but really strong and wear-resistant.

Difference between models. 7Y is the follower of 7X. The renewed version is approved for road use in the EU, USA, Japan and China and available in sizes: 19 x 8”, 19 x 9”, 20 x 9”, 20 x 9.5”, 20 x 10.5”, 20 x 11”, 20 x 11.5”, 20 x 12”, 21 x 12.5”.

Drivers sensations. More pace, sharp braking, great handling on the road, safety and comfort.

Instead of Conclusions

Buying from Dymag, you gain a part of its success. After all, all the products of the company undergo a thorough quality control, which is necessary to win on a professional track.

Many Formula 1, IndyCar, Rally/RAID, Isle of Man TT champions and race winners have used Dymags and won the first prises thanks to innovative technologies promoted and implemented by the manufacturer.

Following the example of the best car drivers in the world, sports style lovers prefer Boxstroms and are never disappointed with the result.