Motorcycle Racing Wheels

4 Dec by dymag-usa.com_user

Motorcycle Racing Wheels

Dymag has been manufacturing special moto racing wheels for more than 40 years. It has gained the glory at top world-class competitions such as Formula One, Indycar, Superbike races, Paris Dakar rally, etc. Riders on Dymag wheels succeeded in various moto races repeatedly. What is the secret of the success? Read more to discover important factors that help bikers win.

FACTOR ONE: Wheel Weight

Motorcycle racing belongs technical kinds of sport, the basis of which is the interaction of an athlete with a bike.

The wheels of a motorcycle are unsprung components and, consequently, the reduction of their weight is always advantageous. Light wheels improve controllability, significantly increase the efficiency of the chassis as a whole and brakes in particular. Lightweight wheel technology is what Dymag presents as a key factor to success in moto racing.

How Lightweight Technologies Work

Let’s see how the wheel weight reducing technology work.

The physics of the wheel is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Driving a motorcycle, we launch several systems at once. These systems are the frame, engine, suspension and wheels. Each one is acted by different forces.

Wheels in motion have a complex physical model. So, manufacturers have to deal with the laws of physics when developing a quality product, which will be competitive at the market.

The lighter the wheel is, the easier it is to drive a motorcycle. It helps tilt it into a turn, overcome the centrifugal force and gyroscopic effect.

FACTOR TWO. Right Materials

Another factor influencing speed is the material the wheel is made of. It should be strong enough to withstand loads of sport driving. At the same time, the material must contribute to the development of high speeds.

It depends on the material and its properties how much “excess” metal the developer can remove from the workpiece during production in order to decrease the total mass.

Dymag uses 3 types of materials. They are:

  • magnesium
  • aluminium
  • carbon

These materials ensure durability and performance what has been proven by professional racers’ results.


Forging appeared at the junction of several of the most sophisticated production technologies. It is one of the methods to increase the speed on the road.

Forged wheels combine lightness and strength. They were invented for racing, but these wheels are widely available for road use.

The result of forging is achieving the fibrous structure of the metal. The high strength provides discs with good weight characteristics: for example, the mass of the forged disc is 30-50% less than the weight of the steel one. Due to the high plasticity, such a disk does not collapse after a strong impact, but deforms into a kind of steel one.

Forged magnesium disks have good corrosion resistance, and aluminum can be used without paint. In general, the forged disk absorbed all the advantages of cast and steel stamped brothers, while getting rid of their shortcomings.

Hope, you have made right conclusions! Choose the best from the best and be really fast on quality wheels!