Five Pluses of Carbon Wheels and Best Manufacturers to Contact

13 Dec by dymag-usa.com_user

Five Pluses of Carbon Wheels and Best Manufacturers to Contact

The carbon is one of the most expensive things referring to motoracing. For that reason, carbon wheels remain the prerogative of racing teams and wealthy fans of track-days. Nevertheless, they are worthy of money you pay for them.

Ride on High-Tech Carbons

Carbon, or carbon fiber, is a high-tech composite material. It satisfies high standards of manufacturers working for motorcycle sport and supplying individual racers and champion teams with super fast wheels. Dymag is one of those producers making carbon moto disks of high quality.

Carbon wheels are recognized as leading elite products. As a rule, they consist of a carbon rim and a central part of forged aluminum, which makes them strong and light. They significantly improve the behavior of the motorcycle.

Five Top Advantages of Carbon Wheels

  1. Little weight. Carbon fiber products are lighter by 40-50% than other analogues made of other materials.
  2. High strength. If we overlook the cut of the carbon under a microscope, then we can consider the set of interlaced fibers. This feature increases the physical strength of compression and stretching. As a result, this material will not yield to any of the materials used for motorbike wheels for its structural strength.
  3. Resistance to high temperatures. Taking into account that the main purpose of carbon discs is using them as a part for high-speed sport bikes, it will not be superfluous to have such an advantage as high temperature stability. With these products, it reaches 1600 °C, which in combination with high energy absorption ensures a long service life of the discs themselves and the elements of the brake system.
  4. Expressive appearance. Finally, such disks look just fine outwardly. This fact makes them a successful finding not only by engineering characteristics, but also by aesthetic standards. These wheels are beautiful from the outside.
  5. Corrosion resistance. As for the corrosion resistance, it is enough to say that recently films made of carbon-plastic materials are used as a protection for the paint and varnish coating of the car body. For motorbikes it is a sure big plus.

The Carbon CA5 by Dymag

As carbons are not cheap, it makes sense to turn to the manufacturer with a world known name. If you are thinking to buy quality disks, we recommend you Dymag products.

The Carbon CA5 is the great model of motorcycle wheels made by Dymag. They are ultra light, very strong and stylish. All the complex of existing characteristics ensure excellent handling and performance on the track. Each set of discs is exclusive and may be produced according to a customer’s exact specification.

The CA5 are tested according to JWL, DOT, and BS AU50 standards. Dymag has certificates for wheels. They can be used for both racing and on roads.

Dymag’s CA5s provide:

  • a noticeable improvement in acceleration and braking
  • many benefits for suspension performance
  • reliability and high quality
  • reduced fuel consumption
  • accuracy of fitment
  • hand finishing
  • in-house assembling
  • individual specifications up to customer’s requirements
  • spectacular appearance


Drawing a conclusion, we would like to turn the reader’s attention to the importance of choosing only certified products of credible brands. We wish you to enjoy your wheels and good luck when buying elite carbons.