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13 Dec by dymag-usa.com_user

Five Pluses of Carbon Wheels and Best Manufacturers to Contact

The carbon is one of the most expensive things referring to motoracing. For that reason, carbon wheels remain the prerogative of racing teams and wealthy fans of track-days. Nevertheless, they are worthy of money you pay for them. Ride on High-Tech Carbons Carbon, or carbon fiber, is a high-tech composite material. It satisfies high standards […]
4 Dec by dymag-usa.com_user

Motorcycle Racing Wheels

Dymag has been manufacturing special moto racing wheels for more than 40 years. It has gained the glory at top world-class competitions such as Formula One, Indycar, Superbike races, Paris Dakar rally, etc. Riders on Dymag wheels succeeded in various moto races repeatedly. What is the secret of the success? Read more to discover important […]
28 Nov by dymag-usa.com_user

Dymag Success Story

Success stories always inspire people for new achievements and stimulate those who strive for the best results. The history of development of the British company Dymag is a continuous success. In this article we are overviewing Dymag’s incredible story. Beginnings at Motosport Dymag was started 42 years ago by an engineer Max Boxstrom. The company […]